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Design and Construction Management Services for Green Infrastructure in Phase 1 Area of the Flushing Creek

Project Description

Services Provided: Design and Construction Management Services


Field Associates, PC has performed Geotechnical Investigations for the NYC Department of Design & Construction.  Geotechnical Investigation is required prior to the construction of these green infrastructure (GI) practices to determine soil characteristics, soil permeability rates and depths to groundwater table and bedrock when encountered. Monitor all elements of the design development effort to meet the project’s approved scope, schedule and budget.


Work include but not limited to geotechnical investigation; pre-investigation and planning. Historical borings including identifying boring locations on the field. Participate in facility scoping, design team update, program level coordination and other related progress meetings.


Field measurements; soil borings; penetration test; soil sampling; permeability test procedure; temperature measurement.  Geotechnical investigations depths and geotechnical reporting.  Maintaining boring logs and permeability test logs.