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NY Route 112 Reconstruction from Old Town Road to NY 25A

Project Description

D-Number: D030552

Project improvement includes pavement reconstruction with a two-course asphalt overlay over existing concrete pavement, full depth asphalt reconstruction. Full depth composite pavement repairs, new curb and sidewalk. Drainage system improvements include construction of new recharge basins and a combined leaching basin and positive drainage system. Utility relocation’s, new signs, pavement markings, upgraded traffic signal system. Inspection services related to a 5.2-mile-long highway reconstruction. Detailed inspections, field measurement, onsite field testing, progress reports, asphalts driveways, gutter. Placing steel chain link fence, steel sheeting, retaining walls, guide rail median barrier. Signs and posts, sidewalks, handicap ramps and driveways. Removal and replacing water mains, sewer lines and basins. Super pave HMA 60 series hot mix asphalt, density testing with nuclear density gauge and work zone traffic control. Installation of video presence detector, cameras on span wire traffic signal poles, traffic signal conduit excavation and back fill.